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EE and BT the most complained about mobile and broadband operators

According to some new data from Ofcom, BT and EE have generated the greatest number of consumer complaints over broadband and mobile phone services in the past 3 months. EE scored the worst in the broadband market with 0.45 complaints for every 1000 customers. This was an increase from the previous quarter of 0.32 complaints for 1000 customers. BT had 0.41 complaints for every 1000

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Benefit fraudster in court

Local government agencies in the UK responsible for the allocation of benefits such as housing and income support have to make decisions based on the information they get from applicants. When that information is falsified or withheld, too often taxpayers’ money goes to recipients who are actually much better off financially than many who don’t make the cut for any benefits at all.

In the

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Mobility scooter conman jailed

A so called businessman who preyed on the elderly and rarely delivered the mobility scooters they had ordered and paid for has been jailed. John Read, 53, from Prescot, Merseyside was found guilty of 27 separate charges of fraud and breach of the Consumer protection Act. The judge, upon hearing the verdict, had to postpone the sentencing until he had calmed down, so incensed was

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Common Finance Mistakes Made on the Road

When you are on the road, finances can be very far from your mind. You will not get bills or bank statements in the post and so it can be easy to forget about them. However, if you do not give them some thought, you could end up in trouble. It is therefore worth taking a look at these common mistakes made by people on

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How to make sure your Credit Report doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

If there’s one piece of information you need to keep secure, it’s your credit report. All the information someone needs to steal your identity is laid out in a credit report along with all of your financial information. One of the top ways that financial institutions and other businesses work to protect your privacy is by verifying information like account numbers and credit cards. You

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Pensioners account for 25% of complaints made to the FOS

After wrapping up its annual review the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) reported that about 25% of those who report money complaints to the service are now 65 or older. This is almost twice as many older people reporting claims than seen four years ago.

According to the FOS, the increase is likely due to the fact that PPI (payment protection insurance) complaints have been a

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Paypal cost couple a fortune in lost business after freezing their account

If the story as told in the Independent is accurate in all respects, Paypal owes an apology to Laurence and Philippa Beardmore, owners of the York Coffee Emporium. The company, purchased by the Beardmore’s just last year, has been doing a thriving internet retail business selling coffees imported from around the world, with many transactions processed through the USA- based payment giant Paypal.

According to

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HMRC target interns doing paid workers jobs

The details regarding 100 companies that are contravening the law by allowing unpaid interns to work at paid positions at the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), have been released by the Minister for Employment, Jo Swinson. In an interview with Intern Aware, she said that the HMRC can use these claims as intelligence against these companies.

She wrote to the campaign group stating her gratitude

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People continuing to be tricked by phishing emails

Despite the fact that there are repeated warnings made to email users to be wary of ‘phishing’ people continue to get tricked every day. Phishing is the practice of tricking users to give out sensitive or financial details and every year thousands of well-meaning victims are affected by it.

Usually the con will include leading a person to a fake website that looks similar to

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Online payment glitch affects PayPal accounts

A technical glitch where the payments are being taken from the accounts, four times, has been lately bothering the users with PayPal accounts. The blame has been put on a technical issue by the system of online payments. This lasted for a couple of hours on the 27th and the 28th of January.

All the 123 million people across the globe availing PayPal services have

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