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Do you have the right travel insurance?

Much has been written about travel insurance recently as more and more stories come to light of consumers who have bought a product then discovered to their chagrin that they aren’t actually covered for the crisis they find themselves in. Now another one has hit the news that is just a little but different from the usual lost baggage, can’t get healthcare scenarios which seem

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Liability Pitfalls for Professionals

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is a necessity in this present day corporate jungle. Even the most conscientious and meticulous professionals are prone to lawsuits and claims. Big concrete walls and strong shields are not the best protection against the irate customers or clients, legal representatives, bankers and others involved in the profession or the industry. What can really protect a

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Private medical care – how not to get ripped off

Opting for private medical care can mean you receive treatment more quickly and at a location which is more convenient for you. However, how can you be sure you are picking the best quality medical care? NHS treatment, hospitals and practitioners are all regulated and scrutinised by the public, media and government alike, however, things are not always as transparent when it comes to private

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Interest only mortgages investigated over fears of future miss-selling scandals

Claims management companies are starting to take a look at interest only mortgage offers out of fear that compensation payments are going to lead them into miss-selling scandals in the future. As the government continues to put tougher regulation around these types of mortgages, lenders are more afraid to offer them so that they cannot be sued down the line.

Compensation payments do not make

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Complaints against banks rise by 60% according to FSA

The Financial Services Authority has recently stated that the number of complaints being made about banks has risen by nearly 60 percent. Most of these complaints are made up of PPI complaints, which make up around two thirds of those complaints being made to financial institutions.

Payment protection insurance was something that was a great deal of scandal in the first half of the year,

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PPI is the UK largest ever financial scandal

Mis-selling of PPI has turned into one of the largest financial scandals the UK has ever seen; almost 100,000 complaints from borrowers have been recorded in the first half of this financial year alone. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has reported that the volume of new complaints in the past three months – almost 67,000 – is more than twice the number received by their

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Car Insurance Groups Explained

Along with the massive rises in fuel costs over the past few years, drivers have also been hit with the double whammy of insurance costs rising far above the rate of inflation.

Having the correct insurance to drive your car on the road isn’t something that you can choose not to do, but you can make as much effort as possible to ensure that you

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Millions losing value from their pensions due to hidden fees

It is estimated that millions of people in the country are losing a significant value of their pension because they are being hit by unfair fees that are being hidden from them when they first take out their pension. This warning has been issued by the RSA, an industry watchdog and think tank which has conducted research in the area.

It is estimated that those

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Increase in complaints about home emergency insurance

There has been a big increase in the number of complaints about the sale of home emergency insurance. The Financial Ombudsman Service received nearly 1100 new complaints about the emergency cover in the nine months to the end of last year. The cover insures against such things as burst pipes and broken boilers.

Nearly 75 percent of these complaints ended with the ombudsman stating that

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Homeserve suspend all operations after the mis-selling of insurance products

After discovering that its insurance products had been missold Homeserve, the emergency repairs domestic insurance company suspended all sales operations, causing shares to half in value on Monday. Describing itself as the ‘fifth emergency service, the company has suspended outbound sales and marketing activity while staff are retrained.

This follows an independent investigation by Deloitte into the selling practices of the company. Deloitte, who are

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