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M&S recall Mussels

The Food Standards Agency said that Mark & Spencer were recalling many of their Mussels products after customers fell ill from eating them. The company said that the products were no longer up for sale and put up several notices on different stores to pass this message. The different brands of the mussels were Mussels in garlic, mussels and clams and mussels in white wine.

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Gadget shop employee steals to feed gambling addiction

Nicholas Whittaker, a 37 year old finance manager at the famous East Yorkshire gadget shop, RED5 Retail Ltd admitted to stealing around £70,000 from the shop to satisfy his gambling addiction.

Nicholas was working at the shop that is based in Hessle when he defrauded his employees. He defrauded the company of the said amount for a period of over three years. At the Hull

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FBI alert eBay users about car scam

The FBI in America has put out a warning to all eBay users about a man that they believe is behind a car scam on eBay that thus far has lost users £1.8m. The FBI also believes that there are six other men involved in the scheme which convinced users to pay for vehicles that never existed. Loretta Lynch, a US attorney, stated that the

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Another eBay fraudster brought to justice

As heard by a court, people have been conned out of substantial amounts of money by a man they trusted. They intended buying gold coins from him, but he turned out to be a fraudster. He Later carried out several other scams, and it was his pretence of repairing iPads at his non-existent phone repair service with the intention to steal them which led to

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Card transaction data to be made available to the HMRC

The data of all card transactions through which payments are made to retailers and traders will be provided to the taxmen so as to enable them to assess the money going to particular businessmen through this mode of payment. Tax authorities can now demand and get all the information regarding payments made using particular cards. This will help them identify traders and business that are

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New list of top consumer complaints released

The latest list of top consumer complaints in the US has just been released, and it shows that it doesn’t matter what side of the Atlantic you live on, we have the same gripes and issues. The list includes such gripes as problems with car sales and repairs, construction and home improvement complaints and disputes with credit and debit cards. Utility companies also make the

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TalkTalk complaints still on the rise

Since 2010, Ofcom has been publishing quarterly reports on relative levels of customer satisfaction for various communications providers. In their capacity as regulatory agency for all communications networks in the UK, Ofcom also investigates customer complaints and provides consumers with unbiased reports on the pros and cons of competing networks in terms of value for money.

In the quarterly report published in late June, it

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When is a complaints department is anything but? When it belongs to Phones4U

A complaint department is only useful to customers if it actually listens to and deals with complaints. When it ignores them or fails to correct an error or redress a genuine grievance it is simply another level of frustration in the way of getting a problem solved. This is what the FCA has determined to the case with Phones 4U and its insurers, Policy Administration

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Consumer Advice when Buying Gift Experiences

Gift experiences have been growing in popularity these past few years, however with the majority of experience days being purchased as gifts for other people, this can lead to confusion and frustration when the recipient of the gift voucher wants to use it.

Common complications include arranging dates, the duration of the experience and most importantly the locations where the experience can take place.


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eBay scam raise concerns the site is being hacked

A new scam is targeting users of eBay that lost their initial bid turning them into victims and now concerns are being brought up about whether or not the online auction site has been hacked. Suspicions about the website being hacked have been brought up because of the large amount of information that the scammers seem to have about the failed bidders.

eBay will not

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