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Dealing with a violent partner – how long does it take?

If you find yourself in a situation where your partner is subjecting you to mental or physical violence, it is important to act quickly. What can begin as an occasional attack or abusive language can often escalate to seriously jeopardise your safety. Extreme cases can include sexual assault, imprisonment or fatal attacks.

When you are intimidated by your partner, it can be difficult to confront

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Household customer complaints reach record highs

Whether your neighbour’s slightly erratic gardening habits means that now every time you open the door you come face to face with an unsightly gnome, or they’ve left their car parked on your side of the road for the umpteenth time this week, despite politely asking them not to, there’s nothing quite like having a good old gripe about a neighbour’s antics.

According to consumer

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Personal Injury Claims in the UK

For a long time in the United States there has been a culture of compensation and the country developed something of a reputation for people hiring a lawyer for even the smallest slight against them. This is something that was not so present in the UK market for a long time, but in the last 10 years or so the number of compensation claims has

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Houses for sale in Edinburgh

The picturesque meld of the old and the new that is Edinburgh is one of the top tourist destinations in the UK. The Scottish capital has much to offer both the visitor and the resident The population of over 450,000 makes it one of the top ten largest cities in Britain and as the unemployment rate here is way below the national average, it is

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Used cars are biggest cause of consumer issues

Used car dealerships have received the most complaints out of all businesses in the UK according to new figures from the Office of Fair Trading. This year nearly 60,000 drivers have made a complaint so far, these complaints have been made to Consumer Direct and deal with the sales of second-hand cars.

This is significantly higher than the second-highest number of complaints which comes from

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Trading Standards say public should be cautious at Christmas

Trading Standards are warning consumers in the run up to Christmas to be extra careful when it comes to purchasing their gifts online, as complaints have risen 29% compared to this time last year. More and more people are choosing to shop online, thus allowing deviants to sell inferior products without any real worries about redress.

According to the ACG, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, there is

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npower £2 million fine

Energy regulator Ofgem has handed out a £2 million fine to npower for mishandling of consumer complaints. npower has become the second of the “big six” energy companies to be tagged with a heavy fine for its treatment of customer complaints, after British Gas was hit with a £2.5 million bill in July.

In its report, Ofgem concluded that npower had failed to record proper

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Overdraft fees are consumer’s biggest banking gripe

Two of the biggest complaints that banks receive from customers concern overdraft fees and payment insurance (PPI). Last year Barclays was the worst offender, according to the surveys, with more than 205,000 complaints registered in the second half of 2010. Consumer group Which? said there were almost half a million complaints about PPI alone in the overall banking sector.

There were a lot of other

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Scottish Power does not meet Ofgem regulations

The deadline that the energy industry’s watchdog Ofgem set for companies to come clean about their customers complaints has been missed by one of the biggest; Scottish Power.

They are by far the biggest of the 6 suppliers who failed to publish their complaint level of the past 12 months by Monday, as Ofgem had ordered them to.

Of those companies who did publish their

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Volcanic ash crisis brings EU rulings

The 28th October 2011 was the day that the ECC-Net, or European Consumer Centres Network released their report entitled “ Air Passengers Rights Report 2011- In The Aftermath Of The Volcanic Ash Crisis”. This report is focussed on several aspects of the rights passengers in the EU have today, and particularly in 2010.

The ECC-Net, which has offices in many EU member states including Malta

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