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College workers sacked for involvement in eBay fraud

Two workers at Shelley College lost their jobs for their involvement in a case involving fraud. Police investigating the case found that computers and related office equipment worth £30,000 had found its way to eBay. The authorities noticed an increase in the expenditure for new goods and notified the police. A closer look revealed the discrepancy amounting to £30,000.

The items ordered included expensive parts

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FBI alert eBay users about car scam

The FBI in America has put out a warning to all eBay users about a man that they believe is behind a car scam on eBay that thus far has lost users £1.8m. The FBI also believes that there are six other men involved in the scheme which convinced users to pay for vehicles that never existed. Loretta Lynch, a US attorney, stated that the

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Another eBay fraudster brought to justice

As heard by a court, people have been conned out of substantial amounts of money by a man they trusted. They intended buying gold coins from him, but he turned out to be a fraudster. He Later carried out several other scams, and it was his pretence of repairing iPads at his non-existent phone repair service with the intention to steal them which led to

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eBay scam raise concerns the site is being hacked

A new scam is targeting users of eBay that lost their initial bid turning them into victims and now concerns are being brought up about whether or not the online auction site has been hacked. Suspicions about the website being hacked have been brought up because of the large amount of information that the scammers seem to have about the failed bidders.

eBay will not

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Ebay scammer named and shamed

A serial fraudster by the name of Elengo Papacostas has earned a reputation due to the several online frauds he has committed. This buyer had received multiple complaints from sellers who put up event tickets for sale on eBay, and have the money swiped back on Paypal’s system classified as a disputed transaction.

eBay uses Paypal as their online payment to handle the auction site’s

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