A look at the work of the conveyancer

Conveyancing is the process in which a solicitor manages, controls, and maintains the property sale or purchase, and is often liable for transferring or passing the property from one person to another according to the law of country.

Most people make a common mistake of putting their all beliefs in the work and professionalism of a solicitor, and pay large amounts of money for the services, even though they may not always understand the work is involved in the process. According to the communistic, the customers usually end up being ripped off just because they lack knowledge of the procedure and work.

Charging between £500 and £800, a greedy conveyancer checks for the customer whether the building they are interested to invest in is a safe buy or not. He also looks into other extraordinary factors related to the land or the property such as the market value and history whenever necessary.

According to Jonathan Smithers, People don’t understand what they are doing and if it’s worth it. He said what we do is actually more than chatting to another solicitor. He helps his customers throughout the process with his heart when they buy or sell homes.

Conveyancing involves a lot of strenuous work, background check of the home and cross checking of the land along with the risk analysis. So the solicitor charges the fee according to the time spent in the analysis and offers a dedicated service to all clients.

More expensive properties take more time since they carry more risk. Hence, the fee increases according to the value of the property. Expensive property means more time will be spent and in-depth evaluation is required, these two factors combined to determine the conveyancing fee.