Amazon criticised for using the Yodel delivery company

Amazon have recently been facing a great deal of criticism from consumers in the UK for the use of a delivery company called Yodel. It seems as if the delivery company have been letting Amazon down because many customers have started complaining about goods that have turned up damaged, or failed to turn up at all.

Over 5000 complaints have been made against Amazon, and it has been reported that in the last week at least 100 people have complained about the problems. These people have been calling for Amazon to stop using this parcel delivery company, and go with a more reliable delivery firm.

This company are just one of the many that Amazon use the delivery, and they are also associated with such leading companies as Boots, Argos, and Tesco. It seems as if most of the complaints have come since its purchase of DHL back in 2010. It seems as if they went under a re-branding exercise, which is perhaps lucky they did so because now this new brand has become so damaged that they might want to choose to abandon it.

Amazon is one of the largest customers of the company and it is sure to affect their businesses if Amazon decide to ditch them. This is something that Amazon are probably seriously considering because they need to maintain their reputation for excellent delivery service which is essential for any company operating in the online arena. They would not be the first company in recent months to abandon Yodel.