Angela Knight makes serious warning about energy costs

The Chief Executive of Energy UK, is Angela Knight and she has recently issued a warning to the government saying that they need to bring out the Energy Bill, otherwise more serious problems are going to be faced by the UK in the future as they are going to struggle to get millions of people to reboot the power infrastructure.

Knight recently became the Chief Executive of the company and this was one of the first speeches that she made to the industry. At an event in Birmingham when she made the comments she said, “There is no question that the UK has a serious energy issue. The way I see it is that we have to give confidence to investors in the sector. We need to make it clear that around £150 billion is going to be forthcoming.

“We also need to focus on the security of energy supply in line with decarbonisation. There are significant changes that are going to take place, and this brings a risk of investment in the industry that has not been seen before, as there is worry that the sector could slow. If this is something that happens then there could be energy shortfalls, which is something that we simply can’t allow to happen.

“In order to avoid these problems we do need to see a reform package for the energy sector, and this needs to come in the autumn. This needs to be something that shows investors that the energy sector is not a risky investment, and it is something that is durable and stable. We need to make it as simple as possible. It is also important consumers are not ignored in this situation, and this is something that the new Energy Bill needs to address.”