British hacker jailed for 5 years

Nicholas Webber, aged 21, is one of the most well known computer hackers in Britain after being placed in jail for five years following a multi-million-pound internet scheme that he set up online. He is now in the news again after hacking into a computer system at the prison while still incarcerated, because he was somehow allowed to attend IT class at jail and was able to use the prison computer to hack into the system.

His actions caused the prison to panic but at the time it is not clear what all he was able to access while he was inside of the system. HMP Isis, a South London prison, placed the blame on the hacking on Michael Fox the instructor of the course. While the prison banned him, the college he worked for found him clear of any security breaches. Despite this fact, he was made redundant because they could not find any other work for him.

Fox therefore issued a claim this week for unfair dismissal stating that he did not decide to place Webber in his class and that he did not know that the prison inmate was incarcerated for hacking.

A spokesman for the prison stated that Webber was involved in the hacking incident but refused to answer any questions. The spokesman simply said that at the time the HMP Isis was using a closed network and there no wider access to the internet or personal information would have been possible from the hacking.

At age 17 Webber created an internet forum that allowed computer hackers to meet and develop plans to steal as much as £15 million from firms and individuals. He was arrested for using a stolen credit card to pay for his penthouse suite in Central London.