Business owners complain more than ever over hard sell tactics from energy companies

Utility companies have been coming under fire from business owners for their cold calling tactics where they call people with high-pressure sales regularly throughout the day. The Energy Advice Line has recently been inundated with calls from business owners who are very angry about the number of cold calls they have been receiving.

Many businesses who have recently changed their location receive a great deal of cold calls where the person on the telephone states they are a meter official. The idea behind saying they are official is that you are going to release information about your energy consumption, which can help them target you better for a sale.

Some customers have said that they feel overwhelmed by the number of calls they are receiving and that they don’t even stop when they specifically asked them to. A high-profile case was a man who was repeatedly called at a funeral by an energy provider, despite him telling them where he was and to stop calling.

The Energy Advice Line is a price comparison company which helps businesses switch service providers. It has recently started a campaign which is encouraging people to refuse to answer cold calls. They have also started lobbying the industry regulator to introduce rules which stop the practice.

The managing director of the Energy Advice Line is Julian Morgan and he has recently stated, “Cold calling and high-pressure sales are something that is unfortunately becoming more common. We have heard some really terrible stories from customers about appalling sales tactics used by these callers. They generally obtain information about a business that has recently moved premises is and then start calling them incredibly regularly until they get the information, or the sale, they want.”

There was one situation where a business customer was called 30 times in a single day. Another complaint that was received was of a man who was subjected to high-pressure sales stating that the only way to end the calling was to sign a contract. One of the worst situations was a business owner who was told they had a legal obligation to accept the contract the salesperson was suggesting.