Caithness CAB support consumers in getting rural delivery charges reduced

The Citizens Advice Bureau, or CAB, in Caithness has recently stated that it supports the calls that have come from a consumer group in Scotland saying that they want to see the delivery charges that are charged a very rural parts of the country come into line with those charges for the rest of the country.

Many companies charge extra for postcodes that are located right in the north of Scotland, usually postcodes that begin with the letters KW. Indeed, in some cases companies simply refuse to deliver to these destinations. Interestingly, the services offered by the Royal Mail, do not charge any extra fees for delivering to more remote areas, and this is something that companies often use, so they are simply taking more money off people for delivering to more remote areas.

A representative from the CAB, Jill Smith, has recently stated, “This is an issue that we’ve been fighting against for sometime, and we get a large amount of complaints about people who think they are being treated unfairly because they live in a remote area. Some people have described to us being charged incredible fees the delivery, or simply not having the products delivered because they live so far away.

“This is an issue that is not just affecting people around here, but people in all of the Highlands. It is an issue that we feel companies need to address immediately, so that more fair delivery charges can be established. Many people in these areas are feeling quite angry about this issue, and are upset that they can’t take advantage of shopping online as many other people in the UK can do.”