Car dealers still most complained about group

This week official complaints have been continued be lodged against car dealers and this shows that car dealerships are the most complained about business in the UK. Nearly 60,000 people complained to the OFT between January and September last year about car dealerships. The second-highest complained about group was home improvements which attracted nearly 50,000 complaints. After this came furniture and telecommunications providers.

With car dealers most of the complaints were about the cars having faults, this was followed by sellers making claims that were not true about the car or failing to tell the buyer about problems with it. It is estimated that each person who complained was out of pocket by an average of over £400 as they were having to fix problems with the cars that the dealers failed to mention.

Michele Shambrook, a representative from Consumer Direct has commented, “Traders are generally failing to deal with complaints by customers that are completely legitimate. We want to make it clear that dealers that do not sell their cars fairly that we will enforce action against them.”

The OFT have issued advice to customers saying that they must ask important questions of the dealer, so as to find out information about the car’s history and how sound it is mechanically. They have published a short film in order to achieve this goal.

Enforcement has recently been taken by the OFT against Carcraft who were found to have not been carrying out inspections on their vehicles before sale. After sale the company were also refusing to carry out any replacements or repairs on any faulty vehicles that they sold. It was also found that they were being dishonest in their finance policies that they were issuing to customers. Last year action was also taken against for misleading advertising.