College workers sacked for involvement in eBay fraud

Two workers at Shelley College lost their jobs for their involvement in a case involving fraud. Police investigating the case found that computers and related office equipment worth £30,000 had found its way to eBay. The authorities noticed an increase in the expenditure for new goods and notified the police. A closer look revealed the discrepancy amounting to £30,000.

The items ordered included expensive parts for computers like ink cartridges and equipment for desktop computers, which were not needed by the college. Police conducted investigations and identified several items which they believe belonged to the school, being sold at many auction sites on the Internet. The school has dismissed the two support staff personnel. Police have also arrested a third person in this regard.

John McNally, the Headteacher at Shelley College said that the staff members were shocked with such an incident. He was however grateful that the incident had been identified and appropriate steps taken to deal with the theft. He also said that the college graded by Ofsted as Outstanding fully supported the police investigations of West Yorkshire. Officers in charge of the investigation praised the school authorities for detecting the fraud quickly since in some cases, the fraud could carry on undetected for several years.

Jim Griffiths, Det Insp with Kirlees CID, gave some insight into the operations indicating that the quick and decisive action of the school probably saved the day. Frauds could prove to be undetectable and could baffle authorities for years at an end. The school administration was strict and so was able to detect the discrepancy in time. This helped them to stop the loss before it got out of hand, he added. The police have confirmed that the two men one 33 year old and the other 28 years old were now out on bail. Police also arrested a 27 year-old woman.