Companies who ignore complaints on social media sites are being damaged in the long run

A new survey conducted by YouGov for the social media website Brandwatch found that companies are not taking their customers’ complaints seriously. According to the survey, companies are ignoring what customers are saying about them on social media platforms such as Twitter and this is damaging them in the long run.

The survey asked 2,000 British consumers why they choose to complain on Twitter, and about half of them stated they do because they want companies to learn how they could do better.

It appears that most brands are not taking advantage of the open platform however as the survey showed that most brands are not actually taking advantage of the chance to improve customer satisfaction and are instead choosing to delete or ‘firefight’ any negative comments they come across on Twitter.

Chief executive and founder of Brandwatch, Giles Palmer, stated that some people just enjoy the chance to complain and you cannot take everything they say seriously, but there are consumers that are offering information and criticism that is useful and brands are simply ignoring these comments because they feel that they know best.

Palmer added that sometimes speed is not enough to help a brand remain on top of their game. Some brands choose to automatically ping back a comment with an automated message in order to offer a quick response, but in these instances a customer is going to end up even more angry as they will feel that their problem was left unaddressed.