Complaints that adverts are too loud

oud advertisements have started to disturb Americans and they have to turn down the volume again and again while watching their favourite show on the television. After getting so many complaints from the viewers, The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has decided to ban those broadcasters which air loud adverts. An alert has been issued to the broadcasters suggesting that they must maintain a balance between the volume of TV shows and the adverts, or else they will be banned.

Life will become a little quieter and peaceful for Americans as their voice against the loud ads have been heard by the authority. These adverts have long been a source of complaints to the FCC since their call centre began to collect consumers’ complaints in the year 2002. They have received over 999 complaints and more than 4900 inquiries since 2008 and the number is growing rapidly.

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act was passed by congress in 2012 but it was not employed due to the claims that consumers can make the use of volume controls to adjust the noise. The CALM act was one of few American policies that enjoyed support from high authorities.

Representatives will present a plan in Washington in order to implement the new law against the loud advertisements. Non-commercial televisions aren’t enforced to follow the law; however, they must comply with it when broadcasting political adverts for public.

There were some rules in the advertising code state that TV advertisement shouldn’t be too noisy, loud and strident, said the ASA in the 2011. A spokesman from the company told that the agency has been addressing the issues on daily basis and that viewers should submit their complaints only when extremely loud ads bother them