Consumer still falling for online scams

Though many people have seen numerous scams on the web, they still fall for it one way or another. The surprising thing here is that there are a lot of them that are still deceived. That being said, below are some of the most famous scams that everyone can find on the web.

The Famous “Win” Scam

Most scammers today would use emails that would say that you recently won a prize or a specific sum of money from a contest. This contest would either be represented as a lottery, an electronic raffle and the like. More often than not, the senders, otherwise known as “kickers”, will ask for upfront payments for you to claim your prize. Now if you don’t remember any instance that could have led to this winning then might as well ignore it.

The Phishing Scam

Latest intelligence suggest that the act of phishing is an act that tries to acquire your username, credit card details and all other private information that you use on the web. The thing that amazes a lot of people is that those who are into phishing create legit looking emails – logos, receipts and the like. So if you are fond of staying online for countless hours through social networking sites or you love to shop online, be sure that you familiarize the receipts, logos and bills that are sent to you so that you may distinguish the one that is legit from the one that isn’t.

Fraudulent Job Offers

The next popular scam on the web today is job offers that are out of this world. This simply means that you will be receiving countless emails week in, week out that provide payment schemes that are quite impossible. There are some jobs that say that you can earn as much as a million dollars every week. To some extent, this is true judging from the state of a few people in the world. However, for a beginner to do this in a week is quite impossible.

So if you receive these kinds of offers through emails or even through friends. Make sure that you thoroughly check them, or better yet, ignore and delete them as soon as you see them.

Unrivalled Charity Scams

The last kind of scam that has existed over the past decade or so is a charity scam. Just like all other scams mentioned above, you will be receiving an email requesting for your kind heart to extend financial assistance. This is quite common today especially that most parts of the world are experiencing the wrath of nature.