Consumers warned about buying energy saving devices that don’t work

Officials from Trading Standards have recently warned customers against purchasing an energy-saving device which is expensive and doesn’t actually do anything useful to reduce your electricity consumption. The scam is being operated in several areas across the country and it is believed that people in Plymouth have been particularly targeted.

The people operating the scam phone people’s homes and pressure them into buying the device. One elderly customer said that she was kept on the telephone for an hour by the company before she eventually bought the device. At one point she said she hung up on the company but they telephoned her back in order to continue to pressure her to buy the device.

The device retails for around £100 and there is an instruction manual that comes in English that is clearly been written by someone who speaks it as a second language. The company who produce the device claim to have an address in New York, but the legitimacy of this is not known.

It is estimated that there are currently 200 complaints lodged with Trading Standards about the selling of the device, often these are related to the company stating that they are affiliated with the customer’s energy supplier, when this is simply not the case. Those selling the device tell customers that it is capable of saving them around 40 percent off their electrical bills, which is nothing but a lie.

Several devices have been tested by officials and they have stated that the device does not offer any energy savings, and it is also unsafe and does not meet the country’s electrical safety standards. Customers who have purchased this device are encouraged to contact their bank immediately in order to cancel payments, or pursue a chargeback through their credit card supplier.