Do you have the right travel insurance?

Much has been written about travel insurance recently as more and more stories come to light of consumers who have bought a product then discovered to their chagrin that they aren’t actually covered for the crisis they find themselves in. Now another one has hit the news that is just a little but different from the usual lost baggage, can’t get healthcare scenarios which seem to a permanent gripe.

63 year old Edna Lee booked an EasyJet holiday to Malta; accommodation, flight and transfers, for her and her husband Stephen. They were due to fly from Belfast airport on the 23rd March but got a nasty shock when they woke up on the morning of their flight. The sight that greeted them was a veritable winter wonderland with the whole area covered in a thick blanket of snow, making it impossible to get out of the street in their car.

Edna started to Panic as the way was impassable and called EasyJet, who said they would have to mark the couple down as no shows and that they would need to claim on their travel insurance. Then the fun really began when they got in touch with Thomas Cook, who had sold them their £68.05 policy. Even though EasyJet sent them confirmation and Edna provided pictures and press cutting to show the extent of the snow, Thomas Cook refused to pay up.

They told her she wasn’t covered for not being able to reach the airport so the couple had spent £650 on a holiday to Malta but spent the week snowed in in Newtonabbey. The Belfast Telegraph stepped in to try and help the couple and contacted the companies involved. Whilst EasyJet said they felt sorry for them they couldn’t compensate them for missing the flight whilst the Thomas Cook underwriter White Horse refused to budge, leaving the couple out of pocket and nothing to show for it.