eBay fraudster in court over fake stamps and labels

eBay trader, Samantha Keen, from Ipswich pleaded guilty to two charges of fraud by false representation this week after it was discovered that she had created fraudulent postage labels for many of the goods that she mailed out to customers.

The first offence is known to have happened between August 1, 2011 and October of 2012 and the South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court stated that it is hard to know just how much loss occurred over this entire period of time. The second offence occurred during the last week of October in 2012 and involved a fraudulent amount of £1,840.

Keen prepaid for the label online, but then printed out more copies of other labels at the same price therefore committing fraud since each label should have been paid for separately. As a result, she has told by the court that she has to pay £1,800 in compensation to the Royal Mail.

Prosecutor David Stewart stated that in October of 2011 the Royal Mail in Ipswich notified authorities that duplicate stamps were found on several different packages. Eventually this led them back to Keen’s business online that involves selling dried milk to various locations. Keen was arrested and she made full admission during an interview that was conducted by police officers at which point she was also said to have been apologetic for her actions.

Her solicitor stated that the mother of four was in great need of money and did not realise how much shipping would cost, so when she figured out a way to cut corners on postage she took advantage of it. Keen was granted a two year conditional discharge but she has to pay compensation and another £750 in prosecution costs. In addition, she also has to pay £15 into the victim’s fund.