Ebay fraudster ordered to pay compensation

A man who was convicted of committing three frauds, now has to pay £1,250 as compensation to the people he conned. Nicholas Skinner advertised two Toyotas and a caravan on his eBay account, but when buyers the made the deposit to his account , they never heard from him again. Skinner pleaded innocence to obtaining £1,250 through fraudulent means from his victims (Sam Kuete £250, Cheryl Griffiths £500, and Kerisina Wasarirevu £500).

At the hearing on December, the Spalding Magistrates found the allegations to be true and on Thursday’s hearing, the 25 year old was ordered to fully compensate the three victims. Skinner was also ordered to community service under supervision for a year and to compulsory attendance of 19 sessions on a mental development program. The fraud was committed two years ago between the months of March and April.

Cheryl Griffiths called a man who identified himself as Mr. Nicholas Skinner and afterwards she wired £500 into his bank account. When she tried to call the number again, it was no longer available and she received no word on the caravan again.

After contacting the mobile phone number in the advertisement, Sam Kuete deposited a total sum of £250 into a Peterborough and Norwich account as payment for the Toyota pick-up, but he never received the van. In a similar fashion, Kerisina Wasarirevu paid £500 for a blue Toyota but none was ever received.

Mike Alexander, a solicitor, tried to mitigate the situation by saying that his client had not been dishonest in his actions and that he had no knowledge that his account was in use by another person. He also said that even though the full amount was paid into Nicholas Skinner’s bank account, it was an unsophisticated kind of fraud since everything was connected to the account holder’s name or address on eBay.