eBay scam raise concerns the site is being hacked

A new scam is targeting users of eBay that lost their initial bid turning them into victims and now concerns are being brought up about whether or not the online auction site has been hacked. Suspicions about the website being hacked have been brought up because of the large amount of information that the scammers seem to have about the failed bidders.

eBay will not acknowledge the possibility of hacking, but the company stated that it is investigating the new ‘second chance’ scam. The company stated that they are looking into the matter and working with users that have reported becoming victims or at least being approached by the fraudsters.

As part of the scheme, the scammer reaches out to losing bidders and makes them what at first appears to be a legitimate second chance offer. They tell the losing bidder that the high bidder did not finish the transaction or that the seller has a second item they can sell to the loser. They are then told that the second chance offer is being offered in align with eBay policy and are legitimate and eligible for all services that eBay offers including ironically fraud protection.

The usual targets of the second chance scheme are those that have attempted to buy high end auction items such as cars, jewellery, artwork, or other collectibles. Those who have actually fallen for the scheme have lost thousands. Many of the complaints are being associated with the email account jrengineer@gmail.com so if you receive a second chance offer from this address be advised that it is likely a fraud.

The scam will appear to be directly from email but instead of offering standard eBay payment options such as PayPal, the scammer will ask for the target to pay for their purchase via an overseas bank account which is the ultimate tip-off that the email is a scam.