Ebay seller jailed for flogging illegal satellite boxes

A Telford salesman that sold illegal satellite boxes over eBay was placed in jail this week after police caught up with him. Ronald Bladen aged 52 of Madeley was able to make a profit of £2,000 from twenty satellite boxes that he illegally sold on eBay from March of 2012 to November 7th, 2012.

However, officials from BSkyB carried out an investigation and stumbled onto his scheme. The television provider often investigates matters pertaining to their services. Bladen admitted that he sold the boxes that were full of illegal software when he was arraigned at the Telford Magistrates Court earlier this week. As a result, he was sentenced to eight weeks in jail for breaking the terms of a previously suspended sentence and another four weeks for fraud. The weeks are to be served concurrently.

In addition, he was sentenced to another concurrent sentence of failure to surrender. Prosecutor Mrs. Becky Jones stated that Bladen was arrested at his home after BSkyB called the local authorities in Madeley and told them the results of their investigation. When officials searched through Bladen’s home on Park Lane Avenue they found a large number of set top boxes in storage. It was clear that Bladen had larger plans to continue selling the boxes had he not been caught.

Bladen’s solicitor, Mr. James Wade, stated that his client decided to sell the set top boxes even though he knew they were illegal because he needed the money. He also added that although it was said he made £2,000, his client claims that between other costs Bladen actually only made about £500 before the police caught up to his activities.