EE and BT the most complained about mobile and broadband operators

According to some new data from Ofcom, BT and EE have generated the greatest number of consumer complaints over broadband and mobile phone services in the past 3 months. EE scored the worst in the broadband market with 0.45 complaints for every 1000 customers. This was an increase from the previous quarter of 0.32 complaints for 1000 customers. BT had 0.41 complaints for every 1000 customers during the third quarter.

EE’s spokesperson indicated that the firm was disappointed with the results and that they would take the feedback to the board. The spokesperson also indicated that they already had an ongoing program to try and improve their service and that they were happy that the number of complaints was decreasing.

BT also apologized for not meeting the needs of its customers adequately and that they were taking some measures to address the issues raised. The spokesperson for BT indicated that BT was focused on offering high quality service and that they were disappointed each time they did not meet the needs of their customers. The spokesperson added that they were introducing some changes that would have a great impact in reducing the number of customer complaints.

TalkTalk scored 0.27 complaints for every 1000 customers, which was its best performance since Ofcom started keeping track of customer complaints even though it was still not as good as the industry average. Virgin Media was the best with a score of 0.08, while Sky had a score of 0.009 complaints per 1000 customers. O2 was pleased that they retained the number one position as they had focused on offering customers the best customer service.

According to the director of Ofcom’s Consumer Group Claudio Pollack said that the data would be helpful for both customers and businesses in offering a benchmark for provision of quality services. He also added that the data would enable the service providers to address the customer complaints and thus be able to improve performance.