Energy companies price hikes anger customers

The six major energy companies in the UK which includes, EDF, British Gas, Eon, Scottish & Southern, Npower and Scottish Power, are responsible for supplying 99 percent of the electricity and gas used across the UK by consumers.

Consumers have been seeing prices that are increasing endlessly and in the last six years the amount people are spending on energy has doubled to an average of over £1200 per year. This has done nothing for people’s attitude towards the companies and many people are quite hostile towards the price increases.

Customers are also angry that the tariffs the big companies offer are very confusing and they are also often criticised as having terrible customer service. All of this leads to most electricity and gas customers in the UK being very fed up with the whole situation.

A recent survey by the consumer group, Which? has shown that the vast majority of people across the UK are not satisfied with the service they are getting from the big energy firms. The survey also showed that most people who were satisfied are not buying their energy from a major provider but were actually choosing smaller suppliers in the market who, it seems, are being significantly under-utilised.

Which? created table which showed that the top five companies for energy were actually much smaller companies. Instead of focusing on grabbing as many consumers as possible, they have been building positive reputations and trying to be consistent with their customers.

Unfortunately, they cannot claim to be the cheapest because the large providers have rates on their websites which are very low. However, these rates are rarely taken advantage of because they are only applicable to certain situations.

The smaller firms have taken advantage of the situation by offering one rate that is very simple and there are no additional charges made. Smaller firms also seem to give much better customer service and this is another reason why they are so positively reviewed. Changing your gas and electricity provider is not as challenging as you might think and the website by Which? has plenty of information about the process.