Failed solar power scheme may be ordered to give money back to Redditch residents

A solar panel scheme in Redditch, which lost residents hundreds of pounds, could be ordered to pay the money back. A meeting is to be held on Tuesday, May 8 when creditors will receive a report on the Energy Saving Group. The company received complaints from many areas of the UK before they ceased to trade last year.

Many Residents are reported to have paid £500 to the Birmingham registered company. The company was actually based near Redditch town centre, in Albert Street. The solar panels were never installed and residents are understandably upset.

The company became non-contactable, amidst fears that the money would never be recovered, and in December 2011 they stopped trading. The company assets will now be divided amongst those owed money, through the process of liquidation, however there is no guarantee that residents will get all their money back. The final amount available will be announced at the meeting.

Gordon Keogh has been campaigning for the residents who lost out. He has been waiting for over a year to reclaim his own money and believes there are almost 800 people out there in a similar situation to him.

Mr Keogh is reported to have said he will go to court if necessary but it would be easier and quicker to settle before it comes to that. Many people gave their life savings to get the solar panels and fear they will never see the money again. Richard Askew, also owed money from the scheme, said he was pleased that something was being done, and hoped that there was enough money to reimburse the victims.