Fake energy saving devices in Dorset are potential fire hazards

Devices which claim to save consumers energy, but actually do no such thing are circulating around Dorset. These devices are being marketed as a way to save on your electricity bill, that in reality they are unsafe and can potentially cause a fire. The devices are elaborate fakes and people are being sold them over the telephone.

Police officers have urged people to be wary about people calling their homes and offering these devices. People should be aware that they don’t actually save any electricity at all and can actually pose a risk to their safety.

This matter has come to light after the local council have received numerous complaints about people being ripped off by the devices. They retail for around £100 and the person on the telephone claims that they can cut your electricity bills by around 40 percent.

The caller adds legitimacy to their sales pitch by apparently knowing the electricity provider of the consumer. They also often know the names of the people and sometimes even have their credit card details.

Information about the company’s is thin on the ground and it appears that most of them involved in the scam do have some sort of address in London. However, on further investigation it appears that the companies are based outside of the country with some being based in India, and others in the United States.

This is not the only scam that has been circulating around the country and people have also been conned into buying vouchers which are worthless under the impression that they will be entitled to compensation once they have bought them. A representative from the local council has commented, “These practices are completely unacceptable and they are targeting susceptible people in our community which is not just bad business, but is morally wrong.”