Homeserve’s customer complaints are going down

Homeserve is under investigation by the Financial Service Authority (FSA). The famous home emergency repairs group in the UK had their reputation knocked last year due to serious internal issues and now is under investigation for having this unpleasant and troublesome past.

The major issues the company was dealing with were pitfalls in the sales process and untrained staff. Later, it took measures to retrain its employees in order to overhaul complaint handling process. New rules and regulations were constructed for the well-being of the company whose reputation was already on the edge.

The FSA has started a  private investigation into Homeserve this year, but the agents could not come up with any conclusive findings and details. No thoughts have ever been shared with the investigation department and so no fines were ever charged or imposed onto the repairs company.

The company claims that all problems were mostly related to past time which has gone now. The complaint number in the first half of the year was around 41%. The customer satisfaction was on rise at the begging of the fiscal year and now the number of satisfied customer has gradually turned down to £2.3m from £3m(from the records of earlier year).

Homeserve’s chief executive, Richard Harpin has made great plans for future. He says that transition to smaller and more customer focused business is surely going to take some drivers. Nonetheless, powerful marketing strategies and retention rate will determine the size, scale, and progress of the business.

He hopes for a prosperous international business that will yield profit, strengthen relationship between affinity partners, and build a strong customer base. He expects for the results of full year will be in line with his expectations. Let’s see what happens!