Houses for sale in Edinburgh

The picturesque meld of the old and the new that is Edinburgh is one of the top tourist destinations in the UK. The Scottish capital has much to offer both the visitor and the resident  The population of over 450,000 makes it one of the top ten largest cities in Britain and as the unemployment rate here is way below the national average, it is a popular place for relocation for those who have secured new jobs.

Houses for sale in Edinburgh with the national area and there are many residential areas of the city where you can look for property for sale, depending on what you are looking to buy. Those who are in the buy to let market will focus their search on the Bruntsfield area where property is cheaper and the high number of students living here offers great buy to let opportunities.

The three largest employers within Edinburgh are the Royal Bank of Scotland, NHS Lothian and the City of Edinburgh Council, and as they employ over 50,000 Edinburgh residents, there’s a pretty good chance that if you are re-locating it is to take up employment with one of these.

Your salary and whether you are selling up to move here will dictate, as in any other city, the best areas to suit you. If you have sold a house in a high value area, or are gaining an increase in salary. Leith is an upmarket area that is very popular with families. If you are young or a bit unconventional, then the arty/bohemian feel of Newington may be right up your street and affordable housing is also available here.

If you have to move quickly, you will probably be looking at flats to rent in Edinburgh until you find your feet to start house hunting. These are widely available throughout the city and it is a good idea to rent one in the area you are most likely to buy in, rather than in an area you like but know you can’t afford to buy there.

Those who are moving to Edinburgh are going to experience a whole new and exciting way of life here. The millions of tourists who flock here every year from around the globe make for a cosmopolitan feel, while still remaining proudly Scottish. There is the annual fringe festival to look forward to, and what with the great shopping, entertainment and dining options, this will be a decision that you certainly won’t regret.

 Special article by staff blogger