How to Avoid Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents are unexpected and generally out of our control. However, within a working environment, an employer has a duty of care to ensure that accidents are prevented where possible.  This includes completing risk assessments, providing health and safety training and creating a safe and secure workplace. Equally, it is also the employee’s responsibility to attend this training, wear any protective clothing that is advised, and be aware of safety warnings.

The risk of accidents varies depending on the type of role and environment a person is working in. Occupations that require physical labour, such as heavy lifting and the use of dangerous machinery, are the obvious culprit for accidents in the workplace. But, an accident at work can also happen in an office setting. Complaints of trips, falls, and repetitive strain injury (RSI) are common and could be prevented by being aware of your environment and also of your rights within the workplace. Here are some tips for safety in the workplace:

Avoid high risk jobs that you’re not trained for – you are legally entitled to the appropriate training for your role.
Keep alert– sleepiness at work can lead to mistakes and accidents, especially in physical roles.
Wear required uniform – especially important where hard hats, high visibility vests and other safety clothing are expected.
Observe any warning signs/posters – these are not for decoration, they provide useful information regarding employee safety.
Follow health and safety measures within the workplace and always pay attention to emergency drills.
Report any potential risks to your manager – this could protect the safety of others and encourage awareness in the workplace.
Always check with your supervisor if you feel unsure about the dangers of a task BEFORE you attempt it.

Even with strict safety precautions and training, accidents can happen. If you have had an accident at work, then you don’t need to feel alone. Often, employees feel that seeking compensation for work-based accidents could affect their reputation within their company and their position could be at risk. However, highlighting a fault in the company’s health and safety procedures can help employers to make changes to improve the company and prevent the injury of others.  Injury Lawyers 4 U can offer helpful advice and guide you in the right direction to get you the compensation that you deserve.