Immigrants are getting into better universities with lower grades that Brits

An investigation that has recently been conducted by the newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, has shown that foreign students who are coming to the UK find it easier to get into the best universities with grades that are lower than their British counterparts.

The information has come out of a representative working for the Russell group of universities in Beijing and he has said that Chinese students are much more likely to be accepted onto courses at these elite universities with lower grades.

He reported that some Chinese students were admitted to this group of universities with A-level grades of the equivalent of three Cs. For UK students this grade achievement would be nowhere near enough, and the minimum requirement would be at least two As and one B.

There are also some issues regarding these are situations that have caused trouble lately. The student visa is given on the basis that once the studies have been completed the foreign student will return home. However, it has been revealed by The Telegraph that students are writing this down on the visa application even if they have no intention of leaving the country after the studies have been completed.

The reason that universities are more tempted to accept foreign students with worse grades is because it is financially beneficial to them. When the University accepts a student from Britain, or elsewhere within the European Union, they get less money than if they were accepting a foreigner.

The universities say that they need to have more foreigners from outside the European Union in order to ensure that they can balance the books. In some cases, foreigners are charged up to 50 percent more than a domestic student. Some of the country’s leading private schools have stated that there foreign students find it easier to get into leading universities than their domestic ones.