Invading the internet: what online threats do you need protecting from?

As over half of households in Europe are now said to have internet access, the vast majority of us are spending a large proportion of our time online. Whether we are accessing emails, updating social networking sites or buying groceries and other goods is immaterial, the fact remains that the internet has transformed our lives in a remarkable fashion.

Yet, whilst the internet has offered us a number of benefits and useful services, not everything has such honest intentions. In fact, the internet is under invasion from numerous sources and we are the victims who are likely to get caught in the crossfire.

Whether it is a virus attached to a seemingly innocent email or a Trojan Horse which muscles its way onto our system, online threats are a serious problem for web users. So, what threats do you need protecting from and how can you make sure that you stay safe online?

Online threats

The most prolific online threats are worms, viruses and Trojan Horses. All of these are designed to cause disruption to our systems and spread to other users, extending their harmful effects. These threats can also allow other users to gain access to our files or information and this means that acts such as identity fraud could be committed – leaving us with a number of problems to deal with.

Online protection

Thankfully, anti virus software and internet security packages are available from a range of different firms in order to protect users from the harmful effects of these malicious programmes. There is a wide selection of systems available, all of which will offer different protective features.

Anti Virus: one of the main types of security which can be offered on the internet, antivirus software is often your first line of defence against online threats. Make sure this is always turned on when you are connected to the internet and ensure your system is set up to receive regular updates and upgrades so that your computer is able to protect itself from the latest threats.

Firewall: another important system, this is a great way of defending your computer from malicious worms. Once again, this should always be turned on and you should consider setting up a regular scan of your computer in order to remove any potentially harmful programmes as well.

Parental Controls: a feature which is growing in popularity, parental controls are now available with most internet security packages. These allow parents to block certain websites or restrict the internet access of other users. This can prevent younger internet users from unwittingly opening online threats, thus protecting your children, yourself and your computers.

Choosing online security

When choosing the online security package for your home or business, it is always advisable for you to use reputable firms, such as Kaspersky. These will offer a high quality service at a reasonable price – offering you the best online protection available without charging you a fortune.

If you are cautious about investing in the service without testing it first then remember that you can opt to use free antivirus downloads to gauge the effectiveness of the service. These typically offer protection for one month, or thirty days, and allow you to evaluate the security before committing to purchasing an annual subscription.