Making a personal injury claim

There are over 3 million UK citizens who are injured in an accident each year. These accidents can occur in the workplace, on the road and in the home. In many cases, the accident is a result of somebody else’s negligence, meaning that many people are entitled to compensation.

If you have sustained injuries through accidents that were not your fault, contacting a lawyer to help make a personal injury could result in financial compensation. With many solicitors offering free consultations and many offering no win no fee cases, you have little excuse to talk to a professional about your case. This article covers the steps you will need to take to make a personal injury claim.

Gathering details

In order to make a personal injury claim, you need to collect all the information to help make your case. The most important information have at hand is:

Vital information about the incident: time, date, where and how it happened
Details of any witnesses that can help corroborate your case.
A list of the injuries sustained from the accident as well as a medical expert’s opinion for example if you are making a head injury claim.
If possible, having proof to show loss of income will help your solicitor help recoup funds.
Any documents, sketches or photographs that may help prove your case.

If you hold some form of insurance policy, it may be worth checking with them to see if they can help cover the legal fees associated with your claim. Trade union members suffering an accident in the workplace may be entitled to some form of financial aid.

Finding legal representation

There are many different solicitors out there to help you with your personal injury claim. There are many free publicly funded services which can help put you in contact with a solicitor who is most suited to your type of case.

Once you have decided upon legal representation, your solicitor will be able to judge your case, give you information about the amount of compensation you are likely to receive and how long the process will take. They will also go through the financial costs involved as well as their fees. Once you have agreed to these terms you can begin by making your claim.

Making the claim

Your solicitor will notify the defendant by sending them a claim letter, setting out all the relevant information about your case. The person responsible for your accident will then have to reply by either accepting or rejecting your claim, this will decide whether the case will be settled in our out of court.