Mobile market and consumer questions

Some analysts in the mobile market have been saying that the smartphone is the new window for companies to increase brand awareness among their consumers. More people than ever before are using their smart phones in order to research products before they buy them so that they can take advantage of the best deals. Therefore it has become increasingly important to businesses to manage their mobile presence and their placement on social networks carefully.

Currently, very few companies are actually selling products through Facebook but the number is increasing. The problem many companies face with establishing a presence on a social network is that they are simply unable to keep up with the amount of questions being directed towards them. A recent study showed that around a third of all customers who want to contact a business will do so through their social network presence. Unfortunately for businesses, nearly 90% of consumers said that they would not purchase an item from a company that did not answer a complaint.

Josh March from Conversocial has commented, “The message is clear to retailers; if they want to have a presence on a social network then they must have the ability to respond to all of the questions asked of them. If they don’t do this then they are going to be turning away more customers than they are bringing to their business.”