More complaints received about the reliability of O2

Recently there have been several complaints about the reliability of the mobile network from O2 in the UK. It has been causing several of their users problems in connecting to the Internet, sending text messages, and making voice calls. It is estimated that thousands of customers are being affected by the problems including others who are involved with other networks that share the masts operated by O2.

Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff share mobile masts with the operator and many of their subscribers have also been affected by the problems. The report suggests that the problem doesn’t seem to be specific to one geographic area and reports of problems have come in from all over the country.

The company initially commented last Wednesday that the issues arose around midday when reports of faults kept coming in. The company issued a statement that they are working hard to restore service and it seems as if shortly after the outage they managed to restore service to many people. However, 3G Internet connections have still been unavailable for which O2 has apologised.

The company seem to think that the problem is rather limited however if you look on the social network site Twitter it seems as if thousands of people are having problems. Current advice seems to be that people should switch off the device and then switch it on again to see if they can get service. This is not guaranteed to work however, and some people are still clearly having problems with the service.

Alternatively, if you do need to access the Internet then it can be advisable to switch off your 3G connection, and rely on slower Internet speeds. This will encourage your phone to connect to slower Internet services rather than attempting to connect to the non-functional 3G service.