M&S recall Mussels

The Food Standards Agency said that Mark & Spencer were recalling many of their Mussels products after customers fell ill from eating them. The company said that the products were no longer up for sale and put up several notices on different stores to pass this message. The different brands of the mussels were Mussels in garlic, mussels and clams and mussels in white wine.

In a short statement released by M&S, the company said that the causes of the problem were being investigated owing to the importance of the safety of their customers. Marks & Spencer went to add that they had removed the products that were on sale as they conducted the investigations with their supplier. The company went on to apologise to its customers for any inconveniences that were caused.

M&S removed the products on Saturday and FSA press team tweeted the information immediately although they did not send out a wider release. An FSA spokesperson indicated that she did not know the supplier or aware of any other information. On M&S’s website, the company indicated that in its environmental campaign, all the mussels being sold in its store were certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and were grown in line with the sustainable practices.

The M&S spokesperson was not in a position to say what exactly the problem was other than some customers who had consumed the Mussel dishes felt ill. This recall is the latest in the several food scares that have hit several big supermarkets in Britain this year. Last January there was the eruption of horse meat and in September, Sainsbury’s had to recall watercress for fears of an e.coli. Just last week, the MRSA superbug was found in turkeys that were being sold for Christmas, which were traced back to a poultry farm located in East Anglia.