New info released by advice line to help consumers combat telephone scammers

The Energy Advice Line has recently issued new information that should help people avoid the various scams that have been targeted towards consumers in the UK. The scams are usually over the telephone and they encourage people to switch their energy supplier.

The Advice Line issued this information after conducting a report which found that some customers have been subjected to up to 30 sales calls a day which are all very high pressure. These calls are usually targeted towards people who have moved house recently.

Businesses have also been targeted as part of the scam and the scam operators

are calling business operators pretending to be officially related to an energy body and hassling them to change their energy supplier.

The calls have got so bad that some consumers have said they stopped answering the telephone. In one high-profile case, a man has complained of being telephoned several times when he was attending a funeral even though he asked the caller to stop calling.

The new information has been launched as the Say No to Cold Calling and it has been designed in order to encourage the regulator in the market to ban this sort of sales technique.

The managing director of the advice line is Julian Morgan and he has commented, “We have heard some truly incredible stories about the type of calls people have been receiving. Somehow the caller manages to get some information about the person and then uses this to manipulate them into changing their energy supplier.

“They often pose as a meter official, even though this is a fictional position. This encourages the business owner to release information about their energy usage, which the caller then users to manipulate them into buying their product or service.” People are being urged to ignore the sales calls