New list of top consumer complaints released

The latest list of top consumer complaints in the US has just been released, and it shows that it doesn’t matter what side of the Atlantic you live on, we have the same gripes and issues. The list includes such gripes as problems with car sales and repairs, construction and home improvement complaints and disputes with credit and debit cards. Utility companies also make the list, proving they perform no better over there than they do over here.

This list contains the top ten complaints that consumers made during 2012 and is based on a survey carried out by the North American Consumer Protection Investigators and CFA. They studied 40 local and state consumer protection agencies right across the country in order to compile their list.

The complaints regarding cars had the widest range across the board, and included misrepresentation of mileage, undisclosed mechanical problems, car dealers being unlicensed and shady sales practices. The amount of complaints in so many areas put it in the unenviable number one position, and here is the rest of the list.

2 Construction/home improvement ; the most commonly reported problems were the failure to start, or finish, jobs on time and shoddy workmanship.

3 Credit and debit cards; Complaints in this area ranged from fee and billing disputes to mortgage related fraud and bogus credit repair schemes. Illegal and/or abusive debt collection tactics included harassment over the phone and trying to collect debts that didn’t exist.

4 Utility companies; Billing disputes and service problems with gas, electric, internet, satellite, phone and cable providers were the most complained about.

5 Retail sales; Deceptive practices, false advertising, defective merchandise, coupons, gift certificates and cards, failure to deliver and problems with refunds are all listed.

6 Services; The main complaints were shoddy work, misrepresentations, failure to perform and failure to have the correct licences.

7 Home solicitations; Tele sales and marketing, door to door selling and violations of do not call policies all made the list.

Landlords; Unsafe and/or unhealthy living conditions, failure to provide the promised amenities and make repairs, rent and deposit disputes and illegal evictions were all cited.

Internet selling; Among the complaints in this area were deceptive practices, failure to deliver and misrepresentation.

Household goods and appliances; Faulty repairs, failure to deliver, and misrepresentation regarding used goods all saw a large amount of complaints.