Ofcom looks at making 0800 calls free from mobiles

Numbers that begin with 0800 have been free when called from landlines for years, but if the same numbers are dialled from a mobile then the mobile phone user has been charged for the phone call. Ofcom is taking a closer look at the issue with the hope that they will be able to determine how to make these phone calls free from all devices in the future.

Of course, the number one question is why mobile phones have always charged for these types of calls. The answer is simple, because when mobile phones first started to be used it cost more in order to connect the phones to any number, even a free phone number. However, the past decade has seen the reduction of many of these costs but phone operators still believe that they are more expensive than other phones.

A spokesman for Vodafone stated that fixed line operators do not need to charge their callers because their costs are usually covered by the companies that offer a freephone number. However, mobile costs are still higher overall in terms of use so the companies do not offer enough to completely offset the costs.

The spokesman added that in the perfect world it would be the companies that that use the freephone numbers that would pay for all of the costs so that the callers do not have to pick up the slack.

Phone bills can be hard to decipher anyhow making it hard for customers to figure out what they are being billed for and what they are not being billed for. Therefore many customers take it for granted that they are not paying for the freephone numbers when really they are paying for every mobile phone call that they make with their usage.