Online payment glitch affects PayPal accounts

A technical glitch where the payments are being taken from the accounts, four times, has been lately bothering the users with PayPal accounts. The blame has been put on a technical issue by the system of online payments. This lasted for a couple of hours on the 27th and the 28th of January.

All the 123 million people across the globe availing PayPal services have been sent apologies from the headquarters in case they have been affected. Also, all the affected customers have been assured a refund, once the problem is resolved, saying that they were very sorry for the inconvenience.

This technical fault was brought to notice by Freya Thompson, whose bank account has undergone the same eBay transaction four times. Although she has been repaid the money for the first two withdrawals, the other two till remain unpaid. An amount of 2.80 pounds was debited from the account of another customer, four times, for the purchase of certain art and craft stuff from eBay.

An e-mail assuring the repayment of her cash was sent the following day. The refund, however, still remains due after 64 hours of complaining. Freya expressed her grievances saying that she had filed a complaint through their official website as soon as she was notified of the withdrawal.

After the payment of the first two transactions, the refund of the remaining two has been declined. To add to this, she mentions that although the amount lost is not very huge, but it has surely left her in a perplexed state of mind as to whether she should discontinue her PayPal account. When the seller at eBay was enquired, he said that he has not received the payment.