Orange wins the unenviable title of UK’s worst broadband provider

It’s official: Orange has the worst broadband customer service in all of Britain, and there seems to be no end to the complaints. The telecom company Orange was declared to have the worst broadband customer service for Britain users, basing on the latest quarterly report that Ofcom has published.

The telecom company has garnered so many complaints about its broadband service compared to that of its rivals. When a few years ago, Talktalk was declared as the worst telecom company, figures have changed this year and have revealed Orange to be at the very bottom.

The bad news is, instead of getting better, Ofcom’s eighth report shows that the service from Orange has deteriorated even more in the year. The company is said to receive .70 complaints for every 1000 customers, these figures showed an increase from the .50 for every 1000 customers that was reported a mere three months ago.

Following Orange was Talktalk, although the company fared better with the rates of decreasing compared to the last quarterly report. The report also showed that the worst hit area for poor broadband service was Birmingham, with a huge difference of 89% between the slowest and the quickest broadband.

There are more consumers, respectively in Bristol, Glasgow, Northampton and London who also suffer the same fate and have unbelievably slow service. On the upside of things, Ofcom reported that Sky had the fewest complaints about their service, with only .08 out of a thousand customers. To add to its woes, Orange is also said to be the worst when it comes to its monthly paid mobile service. Respectively, the company gets .21 complaints per thousand customers.

Most of the complaints were because Orange recently withdrew the free broadband offer they were giving their customers. However, closely following Orange in this particular criterion was T-mobile, who also received complaints that were much higher than the average.