Parking fees at hospitals vary greatly across the UK

In general, hospital car parks can be very expensive considering the fact they generally costs about one to two pounds per hour and the average visitor stays for a few hours. These costs are unique to England given the fact that in most of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales hospital car parks are free.

According to the Patients Association, making patients and their loved ones pay for parking is placing a ‘tax on the sick.’ The association believes that people that are already paying taxes should not have to be taxed again to help pay for hospitals. However, according to the NHS if parking were free in England it would cost the healthcare foundation about £200m.

Patients that have to visit the hospital routinely are offered concessions in some cases, but individual NHS Trusts decide these concessions and they vary by area. For example in Wolverhampton at the new Cross Hospital fees have been increased and even disabled people are no longer allowed to park free.

On the other hand, Tunbridge Wells Hospital Trust allows patients that are undergoing radiotherapy which is a daily treatment to pay the lower £1.80 per day and parents with children at the hospital are allowed to pay a flat rate of £1.50 per day.