Personal Injury Claims in the UK

For a long time in the United States there has been a culture of compensation and the country developed something of a reputation for people hiring a lawyer for even the smallest slight against them. This is something that was not so present in the UK market for a long time, but in the last 10 years or so the number of compensation claims has been greatly increasing.

One of the reasons for this dramatic increase is the introduction of solicitors who offer to take your case on the basis that, if they don’t win your case, they won’t charge you a fee. This means that people who have been involved in accidents, and could not normally afford a lawyer, can hire one to fight their case. The lawyers will then take a share of the compensation, but only if you win.

Making a personal injury claim has been made easier than ever before and there are many firms of solicitors fighting for clients in the UK market. Television advertising, as well as full-page ads in newspapers has become common, and this goes to show what a profitable business it is for the solicitors.

Some of the most common types of injury that people claim for is where they have been injured on the road, or at work. There is usually a case when someone has suffered some sort of physical injury, due to the negligence of another driver or because of their employer.

That said, the laws in the UK are still designed to prevent people claiming for everything and in many ways employers, and other organisations, such as local councils, are protected from claims. An example of the protection afforded councils is the fact that if someone trips over a loose slab on the pavement, they can’t actually make a claim unless the slab is defined as ‘dangerous’ by the courts.

While many people are unfortunately taking advantage of the system and making claims where there are no serious injuries, the system is a good one for people who have been genuinely injured by someone else’s negligent behaviour.

For those who have been injured by negligence, they deserve compensation for their suffering and this is what personal-injury specialists can help you claim for. Compensation for claims usually goes into the thousands of pounds, but for those who are considering getting in touch with a personal injury solicitor, should bear in mind that they might not win any compensation at all.