Rising UK rail fares make it harder for the train to take the strain

The cost of rail fares in the UK is becoming a problem and not just for regular commuters, but pretty much everyone in the country. The UK is unique when compared to other countries in Europe such as Germany and France, as their railways are more funded by the government, as the value of them is recognised.

An announcement by the government recently has shown that rail fares are going to rise, and this is largely because of the recent operator changes that have been announced across the country. The cost of rail fares is becoming such an issue in the country that it is even beginning to exclude some people who are of lower social class. In addition, it is encouraging people to drive more, which is contrary to the emissions targets that are being pushed by the government.

The increase of rail fares is hitting users of the service hard, and this is a particularly bad time for it to happen as the economy is flatlining. Inflation of rail tickets is significant, and rises significantly compared to people’s incomes, which are not rising at all. The cost of transport is continuing to eat into families budget, and even more so with every year that passes and the economy does not improve.

Interestingly, people have recently described the railways as a method of transport for only the wealthy, and motoring, which is typically associated with higher income, is no longer the choice transport for people with more money. The cost of rail fares at peak times are so high that many people are simply unable to afford them, and are relying on cars instead. This is something that the government need to deal with because the price of rail fares is completely unacceptable and far too high.