Ryanair slammed by consumer watchdog for extortionate baggage charges

Those flying with Ryanair should think twice about putting their luggage in the hold and consider a courier service instead to save money, according to a new study from consumer watchdog Which? they have just published the findings of their recent survey into the charges for baggage from the so called budget airlines and Ryanair has come out of it looking pretty shoddy. There have been many complaints from consumers regarding baggage charges and this survey proves them right.

Which? have discovered that families are able to make huge savings on their holidays by sending their luggage via a courier service rather than putting them on the plane. They found that the £35 that Ryanair charge to carry a bag in the hold from London to Malaga was almost £7 dearer than it would cost to send it via the SendMyBag courier service. Golfers in particular are suffering with Ryanair charging them £250 for the privilege of taking their own clubs whilst SendMyBag will transport the same 30kg golf bag for £72.38.

When you look at these figures, budget airlines are anything but as whilst the initial flight price may be favourable, you only really benefit if you take no cases and pack your holiday clothes in your hand luggage, which often have a meagre allowance. Ryanair aren’t the only guilty party however, as 4 of the 5 couriers Which? checked out would carry a 30kg golf bag to Spain from England that monarch, Thomson or Jet2.

This has a knock on effect with transfers as well as you can get public transport, a lot cheaper and often faster, than a shuttle service, as you aren’t lugging baggage around. The bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm, for example, will set you back a couple of euros as opposed to a shuttle bus or if you were getting a taxi you would make a massive saving.