TalkTalk remain the most complained about ISP

TalkTalk scarcely receive good news nowadays. Based on statistics by Ofcom they are the most complained about Internet Service Provider (or ISP) in the UK and have been for some time. During the first quarter of the year they continued their trend by topping the complaint list of the regulator.

This is only the fifth time that Ofcom has generated this report, recording the amounts of complaints received by each provider for the services offered shows that TalkTalk were worst for broadband and landline services and 3 UK was the country’s worst mobile provider. In the pay-TV department BT Vision received the most complaints during the first quarter.

It was recorded that 0.56 complaints for every 1,000 customers were received by TalkTalk in the first quarter. The least complained about providers were Sky, receiving 0.15, and Virgin Media, receiving 0.17 complaints for every 1,000 customers. A TalkTalk spokesperson said that they were pleased with the figures as they showed a drop of 31% compared with the previous year. He said that they had been working hard to improve the experience for their customers, but they realise there is still work to be done.

Virgin Media, on the other hand, reveled in their success. A spokesperson from the company said they were pleased that they were able to continue their good performance. He went on to say that they would like to deliver a fabulous customer experience every time they use the service and they are continuing to invest in the next generation of digital services which they hope will bring all the benefits to houses and offices throughout the UK.