TalkTalk remains the most complained about broadband provider

Ofcom, the regulatory body, has recently stated that TalkTalk is still the most complained about provider of broadband and landline telephone services in the UK. Since Ofcom began publishing the complaints in 2010, TalkTalk has been the number one complained about company.

When it comes to complaints about mobile phones, 3 where the company the top the rankings, and when it came to pay for TV, BT Vision has received the most complaints. The regulator did however highlight that the number of complaints overall were falling when compared to previous periods.

The figures for Talk Talk showed that for every 2000 customers, they received one complaint in the second quarter of 2012. However, compared to previous years, the number of complaints being made against the company has decreased, although it still remains the most complained about company overall. The figures for the broadband service from the company were slightly less bad but still were significant compared to the market average.

On the other side of the spectrum, the broadband service that is offered by Sky received the least complaints, with only about one complaint for every 10,000 customers. Despite TalkTalk once again being the most complained about company, the regulator have stated that they are not planning to take any action against the company at present. Previously, Ofcom fined the company £3 million for billing customers incorrectly, as they were being charged for services that they simply did not receive.

There is currently an investigation occurring into the company however which is looking into the number of calls that their customers are receiving when there is no one on the other end of the line. The number of complaints about this type of call has been increasing in recent months, and it is something that consumers are clearly unhappy about.