The age old question regarding the price of printer ink rumbles on

One of the top questions in the technology world and for those who have home offices is how the cost of ink can be so expensive when printers themselves can be purchased for such a low price. For instance, an HP colour pack that allows someone to print about 200 pages costs the average consumer about £35.00, yet, the HP printer itself that also offers a scanner and copier can be purchased new for £25.00.

An industry insider commented that printer manufacturers know that they have you because once you buy the printer model you will have to pay whatever price the ink is because it is the only choice you have.

Back in 2003 Which? the consumer organisation carried out a research survey that took a look at ink and found that measure per measure ink was actually more expensive than purchasing a vintage bottle of a high end champagne like Dom Perignon.

Which? is about to close another investigation that will look at printer cartridges again and compare the prices and inform the public on why they are so high. HP Ink Supplies Business Manager, Martin Hurren, says that customers are paying for fade-resistant printed pages and that it takes as much as five years to create new ink.