The tipping debate rumbles on

Tipping is always a subject that is full of land mines. After all, who should receive a tip for services the taxi driver, waitresses, hairdressers, and more? Then of course you have the question of how much to tip and if a tip should only be given when the service worker offers excellent service, or if a tip should be given every time.

Some restaurants even now write the service tip into the bills at a 12.5%, and although it is optional and a customer can ask not to pay, most would find this to be embarrassing. As a result, internet forums are full of people that feel they are being forced into tipping for services they did not feel were worth it.

One annoyed person pointed out that it makes table staff lazy since they know they do not have to worry about providing excellent service to get a tip. Another common complaint is that restaurants that add a service charge also put in a tip box to get even more money out of people. Chairman of the Restaurant Association, the Earl of Bradford, stated that service charges are not compulsory and therefore they can only actually be suggested.