The UK is finally introduced to 4G

The UK has been long awaiting a new mobile service which allows faster connections to the Internet – 4G. A new generation of mobile phones is being released in the UK which are able to connect at these faster speeds, but until recently the UK has been lagging behind in the connection technology which is going to make this sort of fast connection possible.

Many people have the impression that the UK needs to catch up with many other countries around the world that are already embracing the technology. It is expected that within the next five years the amount of mobile data we are going to be demanding is going to increase 30 fold, and yet the country is still in the slow lane compared to many other countries around the world.

It is remarkable to think that a country such as Uzbekistan has 4G Internet connections, but the UK does not. The only company that is currently able to provide 4G in the UK is Everything Everywhere, and they are going to be making a large amount of money from it as they are essentially holding a monopoly on the market.

This is particularly surprising as the regulator in the industry tends to be very strict about maintaining competition standards, however this is simply not the case that is being seen with 4G. The new iPhone has 4G capability, and many people who purchased this phone are going to be wanting to connect to the Internet at the fast speeds.

Currently it is not known how fast the connection is going to be, or at what price it is going to come. There is no doubt however that it is going to be expensive, and because of a monopoly the operator are pretty much going to be able to charge whatever they please.