Trading standards issue yet another warning about computer hackers

Trading standards have recently issued another warning that is stating that people should be extra cautious about people trying to hack into their computers. Recent research has shown that over the past year and a half hundreds of people have been targeted in West Yorkshire by computer hackers.

The Trading Standards branch in West Yorkshire has just stated that numerous complaints are coming in from many people about people trying to break into their computers from overseas. Generally, people are trying to break into their computers by calling the people first and asking them to do something on their computer which will actually give the hacker access to the users various online accounts.

The idea behind the call is that the user will reveal to them various pieces of private information that can eventually lead to the hacker accessing their bank accounts and transferring money. The head of trading standards in West Yorkshire is Graham Hebblethwaite who has recently stated, “Generally most people who receive this phone call understand that they are being manipulated by a conman however some people do fall for it.

“The caller usually says that their computer has some sort of virus and they need to take some action in order to get rid of it. This is obviously something that most people don’t fall for these days, but generally because the profits from such a scam can be quite high, the caller only needs to dupe one person to make all of their efforts worthwhile.”

A councillor in the local area, Val Slater has recently stated, “It is very important that people realise the risks of sharing information over the telephone and trusting people who are asking them to do things with their computers. We are encouraging people in the community to inform old people and vulnerable about this scam.”